The Brainyard Fender - John Mayer Pioneer Pro DJ Taylor Guitars

“Capturing moments

that tell

the right story

in the right way.”


Project: John Mayer Limited Edition (Black 1) Video
Client:   Fender Musical Instruments

“Design takes on

many forms

but at its core

it must reflect

the personality of

the people it serves”


Client: Pioneer Pro DJ

“A brand

built over time

is precious, delicate

and awesome in action.”

Project: Advertising Strategy & Management
Client: Taylor Guitars


Where Grey Matters What's On Your Mind?

We do lots of things that help companies sell stuff but nothing is more important than how we ’think’ about what sells your stuff the best.


We specialize in Artist Relations, Advertising, Social Media, Digital and Design.

Where The Rubber Meets The Cerebral Cortex

Artist Relations

Building credible third party endorsements while supporting the music community

Advertising Strategy

Developing methods and channels that get the news out and about

Advertising Management

The where, when and spend for all things with an audience

Social Media Strategy

Strategic management of your daily customer conversations


Creating all things internet


Knowing where to go for great inspiration and then doing it again tomorrow.

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